Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ugly duckling

Saw this on Pinterest the other day and went right out and got some cute vinyl to cover my UGLY cookie sheet.
Of course, I didn't read the directions...ha.  That would have made it TOO easy.  But stay with me here.
If I WOULD have done that I would have bought the strong (heavy duty adhesive spray listed) instead of struggling with my glue gun.  But then she and her friend used just regular fabric and I used something that could be wiped off.  And I added handles.  I am thinking more of bbq stuff and Koolaid pitchers and cookies.
Anyway, I love it so much, I will make another one and then go and buy myself some new cookie SHEETS!!

Here is how she goes...
Get 1/2 yd of fabric...
Buy some handles of choice and measure the width and drill two holes on the top of the rim.  (I didn't use this hand drill and in fact went and bought a new metal drill bit. Worked great.

I then just wrapped the covering around from front to back and began glueing with the glue gun.  Corners were a bit tricky but I just slit them into the corner and forged ahead.

  (I noticed on the video--that with the fabric they just stretched it as they went.  Vinyl doesn't stretch...)  I then cut a piece for the back that hid most of the little pleats around the corners.  I inserted the handles and done!  Fun stuff.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Craving yup..this is the place to NOT go if you are craving soft pretzels.  You should NOT go there and read the directions and know that you have everything on hand, except the butter.  You should NOT have Emma run over to the neighbors and BORROW butter.  BUT YOU DO...
They were so easy and came out a little wonky on the first tray  but better looking on the second.  And did they deliver???Oh, man did they ever.  Chewy, sweet/salty, crusty...just right.  I tried not to eat a piece of all of them.  But then they did disappear pretty fast....
Rachel and Em help on the roll the snake part.  Emma's had a  suspicious lump in the middle.  I almost fired her when she suggested that it was a mouse!

better looking on this tray.....

look at these lovely things....ah.